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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Welllllll shoot- No Nia w/Adelle this weekend.

I am SO SORRY to say, the special Nia classes with Adelle, from San Antonio, that were scheduled this Fri and Sat, Nov 9 & 10 @ Range of Motion Studio 
have been CANCELLED

And wow.... with this I realize and breathe.... and create some space inside... then I smiled instead of grrrrrrrimaced... I am Nia experience is about  FLEXIBILITY and PATIENCE and RIGHT TIMING not MY TIMING... 
It is just not right now for her to come to OKC but she will come again and I will let you all know. 

But you can still come Friday 9:30-10:30am @ Pink Cloud Creative Space -
always a beautiful, connecting experience. 

I'm still having Thursday 6-7pm @ City Arts Center for a while longer...
And I am dropping the Wednesday noon class for now. 

Here is the revised schedule for Nov/Dec

Nov 8 Thurs, 6-7pm               @ City Arts Center
Nov 9 Fri,  9:30-10:30am        @ Pink Cloud Creative Space

no classes this week- i'm having minor, out-patient surgery- but need to recover-
then THANKSGIVING...favorite holiday...gratitude...pie...glorious weather...

Nov 29 Thurs, 6-7pm              @ City Arts Center
Nov 30 Fri,  9:30-10:30am      @ Pink Cloud Creative Space

Dec 6 Thurs, 6-7pm              @ City Arts Center
Dec 7 Fri,  9:30-10:30am      @ Pink Cloud Creative Space

Dec 13 Thurs, 6-7pm              @ City Arts Center
Dec 14 Fri,  9:30-10:30am      @ Pink Cloud Creative Space

Dec 21 Fri,  9:30-10:30am  FAMILY NIA  @ Pink Cloud 

Also want to ask you what you think of my calling the classes "Holistic Dance Fitness Classes" ( I was talking with a 10 year yoga studio owner, husband, friends, and we think it might be a good idea to call my classes this with nia in parentheses instead of the other way around like I have been doing... what do you think? 


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  1. Holistic Dance Fitness Classes sounds great to me. Sorry about your girl canceling. Way to change that perspective!