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Monday, January 7, 2013

"Get up offa that thing... Lets dance . C'mon"

Words of the late great JAMES BROWN.
I was moved to share this post today on facebook and cannot get enough of this ...
can you click on this Youtube link and see the awesomeness? 

Come to Nia this Saturday if you feel like dancing! 
I promise we will have fun 
might even throw in a little James Brown 
somewhere in the mix! Yeow!! 
Second Saturday Nia Dance 10am -11:00 
@ The Pink Cloud Creative Space, 
2909 N. McKinley, 73106

True Story- I danced with James Brown! Oh Yes I did.  
In San Francisco, 1986, at the Venetian Room in the Fairmont Hotel . We had just moved out there- Margaret, Holly, Millie, Kate, Van, Derek, Dale,  and I. I was 22 years old and got tickets to this James Brown concert  as a Valentines Day gift  from my Uncle Danny and I took my new acting class scene partner, comedian friend, Matt Weinhold. 
    From 1947 to 1989, the Venetian Room at the Fairmont Hotel rated high among American         supper clubs. It was there that Tony Bennett introduced his signature song, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," and show business notables like Ella Fitzgerald, Marlene DietrichTina Turner, Joel GreyBobby ShortJames BrownVic Damone and Nat "King" Coleheld forth to the martini-and-cigarette crowd. 
There were chandeliers and it was round tables with 10 seats all the way up to the stage. No dance floor! No standing in front of the stage!  We were young and stupid and underdressed. We did not bring tip-the-host money and so we were seated against the back wall. We were the youngest in the audience by far. Mid way throught he show, about  5 of us young'uns were the only ones who got up "offa seats to dance COME ON!" and we were sort of dance/walking toward the stage , me leading, of course, dork with no fear, and we were ambling toward the stage when he sees us and makes eye contact with me and reaches his hand out to beckon us closer still. I look back rocking & smiling to the others who were with me way back at the back of the room and who are all now... gone..... seated.... vanished... Just me, in my stupid outfit, boxy white blouse with shoulder pads and black mini skirt (I wasn't TOTALLY underdressed- just no hat or fur stole like the fancy ladies wore) and I was CAUGHT mid-audience- arms up= dance/walking, like a fool. I looked back, saw my friend, Matt , waaaaaaay back, standing on his seat,  motioning me to keep going forward. And my life flashed before my eyes, all my friends in OKLA, my Uncle Danny who gave me the tickets, my self-conscious, dorky dancing at clubs and concerts, Prairie Dance Theatre modern dance classes,Central Innovative High School dance classes, my roommates back at the house in San Francisco who were so jealous we got to go....  I    COULD    NOT    STOP    I was getting helped ONTO  the stage with THE GODFATHER OF SOUL and FUNK and DANCE CAPTAIN of the WORLD ! And there I was dancing WITH JAMES BROWN and he was touching my love handles (blech) and spun me around and then I looked at his face and he had so much sweat pouring down from the top of his head and makeup runnning off his cheeks that it was shocking and I must have looked surprised because he smiled that HUGE big smile 

and I laughed and there was applause as he helped me offstage and I walked all jelly-legged back to the back of the room to my friend.  He, who helped me retell the story to my roomies later that night and everyone else I came in contact with for the next few years. 
That was a great TRUE STORY of my dance history ! YEOW!


  1. WOW! Absolutely no recollection of that! I understand though why you took Matt Weinhold instead of me. (wonder where he is now?) Great story, wish I could remember, hope you did the "Boogaloo," that's my favorite.

  2. we will def do the boogaloo this Saturday just for you "icarealot" who will be there in spirit. I read your username as "icecreamalot"
    ice cream
    all good
    and Wampus googled Matt W. today =- he's writing comedy books and has some podcasts etc. I will look him up too. XOXOX thanks for going through all that hassle to comment. Iloveyalot.