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Monday, February 25, 2013

Nia News

Well, big decision made- and Yippee! I feel free and untied. 
I have felt very tied up and confused and at a crossroads about what to do with my Nia practice. And after talking about it this weekend with Eric I realized what I want-
 I am not going to be leading any more Friday or Saturday classes at the Pink Cloud Creative Space.  

I have decided to discontinue my membership/ certification/ teacher status. Because I have always wanted to just be in a Nia class- not be a teacher. And now there is a teacher, a White belt trained teacher in Norman who is starting classes in March! Yippee! 
I will be going once a week at least!
Here is a link to her page and schedule

I also want to take other dance classes! I want to tap and roller blade and go to Gloria's Zumba class at the N.Side Y. 

I just finished a "Yoga 101" eight class commitment that was wonderful! Here's  a link to the very sweet teacher, Trinity that will be doing more of those in March and April and teaches higher levels of Yoga as well.-
But to those of you who did come Nia at the Pink Cloud- I am so grateful to you all for trying it out with me! I had a blast! Every single time, no matter how many of us, or how I felt before the class- always after- I felt so much better. I felt lighter, more open, more accepting and I felt connected to each one of you, to my body, to a power greater than myself. And that is wonderful! 

I hope we get to move or talk or see and connect with each other in some way soon!

With huge gratitude and freedom and a happy heart,

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